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An Ark of Sorts

For years, off and on, I have worked on a memoir called “An Ark of Sorts.” The book tells the stories of many of the animals we have fostered and…
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A New Baby Girl

On a lazy summer day, Alicia, one of our faithful hay clients, texted me about a baby bunny needing a home. She had been living in the parking lot of…
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Meet Bonnie the Beagle

Beagle Rescue Rancho Coastal

Beagle, beagles, beagles everywhere. In July of 2022, the Humane Society of the United States removed 4,000 beagles from a facility that breeds animals for research purposes. The facility had…
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Bonnie the Beagle

Further Beagle Adventures

From the beginning, Bonnie Beagle tried our patience or worse. Shortly after we adopted her, she escaped from the yard. Unfortunately, the gate had not latched completely, and Bonnie discovered…
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The Plight of the Easter Bunny

Volunteers for the national and local House Rabbit Society chapters and other rabbit rescue groups dread Easter—with good reason. Four to six weeks after Easter they find themselves awash in…
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The Critters Found Us

I once made the mistake of counting the animals under our roof. Fittingly, I came up with this brilliant idea while sitting in the waiting room at our vet hospital.…
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