Author Diane Calkins

True Stories About Our
Feathered and Furry
Family Members

Diane Cakins

The Books

A Very Naughty Beagle Named Bonnie

A Very Naughty Beagle Named Bonnie

A boy named Jack really, really wanted a beagle. His best friend Brian had a beagle named Bernie, who was very naughty but lots of fun too.

Jack’s parents tell him they are too busy and that beagles are way too naughty. Then one day a skinny girl beagle arrives at the shelter where Jack’s mom volunteers, and they can’t resist her. Sure enough, Bonnie follows her beagle nose and gets into trouble wherever she goes—until Jack decides to put that naughty nose to work and trains her to be a sniffer dog!

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One Happy Chicken

One Happy Chicken

When a kindly woman finds a tiny chick all alone on a sidewalk, she scoops her up and contacts an animal-loving friend. Although the family already has three dogs, six cats, two small parrots, and a bunny, they agree to add the chick to the menagerie and name her Zoe. 

As the months pass, Zoe grows into a headstrong chicken and becomes head of the pack—getting into all kinds of mischief along the way!

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