A Very Naughty Beagle Named Bonnie Book Release

The March 10th release date for “A Very Naughty Beagle Named Bonnie” should be cause for celebration. Instead, I feel like I’m dropping one of my children off for their first day of kindergarten. Like my child, my book will have to find its own way in a new and scary world all the while competing with other books for a moment of attention. 

“A Very Naughty Beagle Named Bonnie” and my first picture book “One Happy Chicken”, had been percolating in my head long before I wrote a word. Once I began writing, I wrote and rewrote, trying to capture Bonnie in all her naughtiness. Alas, the format of a children’s picture book does not allow sufficient space for all the antics of Bonnie beagle or Zoe the chicken. 

I needed help winnowing down the pages, and over a three-month period, editor Rachael Stein helped tighten up the next text so I could move on to the next phase—the all-important illustrations.  David Lock got to work, first sharing sketches and finally fully developed illustrations using our photos as a guide.

Order it now on Amazon and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it!

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